stoney had a problem
tweek303 wrote
at 9:25 AM, Monday March 20, 2017 EDT
Candy King: Stone63...otherwise known as the Ultimate Cracker...I hope your family dies in a tragic accident you filthy piece of trash..If they don't...I will track them down and murder them right in front of you...You don't deserve anything good in your life.
Candy King: You're just a filthy cracker who only deserves pain and misery.
Stoney63: looks like i have an admirer
Stoney63: who the hell is CandyKing
Candy King: I will enjoy raping your children, and your slut of wife...and then cutting each of their throats as you watch you garbage of a family bleed to death.
tweek303: uncalled for
Stoney63: exactly
BetABuck27: thats horrible
Candy King: Looks like I know who's children, and family I am coming after I get done with Stoney's garbage of a family.
Stoney63: wish i knew how to save this message
Candy King: You're an idiot cracker Stoney...You probably don't even know how to tie your own shoes..That's what your idiot slut of a wife is for, right??
RQ55 has left
tweek303: he musta put in jail cause of u
Candy King: All of you ultimately are cowards who deserve a painful death by my hands.
Stoney63: tweek, how do u save a message
jjab has left
tweek303: copy and paste
Candy King: Stoney, if you had any brains at all...You would know..But sadly...You're a piece of trash who can't even put on his own clothes without the help of your slut of a wife.
Stoney63: dont know how
tweek303: right click and cover blue what u want to and then take it to were u wanna paste
Candy King: You don't even know how to copy and paste?? Really?? Wow..I really feel sorry for you children now...At this point dying a painful death would be the best way to go for them..That way, they won't have to live with an idiot cracker like you.

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gnice37 wrote
at 12:10 PM, Monday March 20, 2017 EDT
thx for the info...this player has been removed
Snoods wrote
at 3:41 PM, Monday March 20, 2017 EDT
Omg stoney sorry u got that from him mt8 uncalled for just a nother coward behind a keyboard mt8.
Bama Girl wrote
at 5:23 PM, Monday March 20, 2017 EDT
This is the same horrible excuse for a human being that we have had issues with for over a year now. The mods quickly remove him. However, he just changes his IP
address and will unfortunately return.
He is a sad soul looking for attention, and I have noticed that he usually stays away a bit longer if he is given none. Might be best when possible, to just ignore his rants altogether.

Hugsss, Bama
big al wrote
at 4:21 AM, Tuesday March 21, 2017 EDT
ban him for life hes just a piece of trash
Bama Girl wrote
at 7:38 PM, Wednesday March 22, 2017 EDT
I am so sorry you ran into this idiot Stoney!
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