Why did i get a bonus of 76,000 after login?
AKQ wrote
at 9:49 AM, Monday April 3, 2017 EDT
I don't mind to have a few thousands boost, but 76,000 is too much, right ?

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TheOminousWon wrote
at 3:10 PM, Monday April 3, 2017 EDT
I've received a 36k bonus. I didn't mind since it was given after I pressed F5, when experiencing some lag.
gnice37 wrote
at 8:00 PM, Monday April 3, 2017 EDT
you get a $1000 bonus for everyday that acct hasnt played.
AKQ wrote
at 8:54 AM, Tuesday April 4, 2017 EDT
thanks for the info, I think there should be a hard limit, like 40K MAX or less, otherwise people will abuse it, just my $0.02
***Insane*** wrote
at 6:25 PM, Sunday April 9, 2017 EDT
You have to not play for a long time on that account to get that much. Although its 1k a day, it doesnt always go through. One of my accounts i havent played for over a year and only got 2k.
2.0.SSS.G wrote
at 7:46 AM, Thursday April 13, 2017 EDT
It's called the river jackpot! A dollar gets added everytime you get screwed on the river. So you must've finally won. Hehe..
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