2500 4/15/17 11;00 pm game
lulu jamby wrote
at 11:04 PM, Saturday April 15, 2017 EDT
took the 2500 and then shut me out
I want my damn chips back or fix the glitch so I wont have to write then insipid notes
lulu jamby

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gnice37 wrote
at 12:43 AM, Sunday April 16, 2017 EDT
78117784 watchagot Apr 15, 10:46 PM EDT $1,625 (-25) 575th
78117783 watchagot Apr 15, 10:46 PM EDT $1,675 (-50) 575th
78117780 watchagot Apr 15, 10:46 PM EDT $2,025 (-350) 573rd
78117778 watchagot Apr 15, 10:46 PM EDT $2,275 (-250) 546th
78117775 watchagot Apr 15, 10:46 PM EDT $2,300 (-25) 538th
78117769 watchagot Apr 15, 10:45 PM EDT $2,100 (+200) 537th
78117761 watchagot Apr 15, 10:45 PM EDT $2,150 (-50) 542nd
78117753 watchagot Apr 15, 10:44 PM EDT $1,800 (+350) 540th
78117746 watchagot Apr 15, 10:42 PM EDT $450 (+1,350) 566th
78117741 watchagot Apr 15, 10:41 PM EDT $1,500 (-1,050) 793rd

these are your last 10 hands....doesnt look like you had enough chips to join
lulu jamby wrote
at 10:01 AM, Tuesday April 18, 2017 EDT
My chip were extracted from my account prior to last 10 turns................
I saw the extraction when I responded to buy in, then I continued to play....
lulu jamby
***Insane*** wrote
at 12:53 PM, Thursday April 20, 2017 EDT
Since you seem to be having so many issues with joining tourneys, best thing is to leave table refresh then join, refresh again to verify you have joined. Pain I know but its the one way of making sure you have a seat. Its a glitch that gets fixed then comes back again. Greg does his best to inform Ryan of this issues, but short of Ryan rewriting the programe/code wat ever, I dont think it will ever be fixed. LOL Gpokr is what it is.
KC 97 wrote
at 6:43 PM, Thursday April 20, 2017 EDT
sadly people are told to leave seat refresh etc etc etc....but still dont...i dont take the chance and do it for every tourney...
"pebble" wrote
at 8:47 AM, Friday April 21, 2017 EDT
how about some one fixes the problem?

whats actually "sad" kc is the fact that the problem still exists, the irony of you saying "ppl don't listen" oh the irony
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