This needs to be said... MUST READ!
Vasha9276 wrote
at 1:16 AM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
As a long time user of all 3 of the sites I needed to make this post after careful, and lengthy inner debating. For years I have been going back and forth with myself, but I never had the guts to say it.. and I guess I was just waiting for someone else to do it. It never came, so here I am...

For a long time now there has been a word used around here that I just find... offensive. The word "Bingo" or phrase "Bingo players" I find to be a harmful thing. Lets look at the facts:

Bingo, the actual game Bingo, is GREAT FUN! It brings loads of joy, excitement and fun to so many people around the world, especially the elderly. And the elderly matter!!

By stating "Bingo player" you are bringing a negative look onto the actual game of Bingo. It may in the future lead a young player to avoiding the game of bingo and never getting to experience of the pure joy of getting the 4th corner, or hearing "B-8" called and marking you final spot allowing you to scream out "BINGO!" It saddens me to think of a young person missing out on such joys of life, such simple joys.

So I ask, all players, please... lets take back the joy of Bingo and STOP using it starting NOW!! I put forth to you a simple alternate solution, we change the word "bingo" and use "McDonalds" instead. My reasoning? Everyone LOVES Mickie D's, but always tell people how they hate it.. so using it shouldn't be a issue in detracting anyone! If you're reading this and are thinking "but hey, I work at McDonalds.. I can't say that I could lose my fry flipping job?!", I say no problem! Simply use "fast food" as a replacement for McDonalds or use one of the many other fast food establishments (Wendy's, Burger King, Checkers, Hardy's, Sonic, etc, etc.). Not only will this allow you to not risk losing your job, you will get to be a model employee and diss the competition..a win-win.

So what do you say GPokr?!...Who's with me in changing the way we go about insulting people to a more family friendly alternate?! ... Can I see a simple reply of "YES, I'm in" if you support this cause!

Thank you so much for your time.

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***Insane*** wrote
at 1:58 AM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
"Bingo Player" a poker player who makes blatantly bad poker plays, and believes in the luck of the cards will determine victory or defeat. It provides a ready-made excuse for the week poker player. They can blame 'bad luck' for their ill fortune but cling to the myth of skill when they win.

Not sure what is so offensive. Bingo/bingo player are used in different ways. What about sandbagger, chaser, river rat? Offensive too? Sorry not sure what this post is about and the actual point but bingo and bingo player will never be eliminated from poker/ or online poker.
Vasha9276 wrote
at 2:17 AM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
I get it, but I want to change it! It makes people think "Bingo" is bad. It sullys the name of Bingo.

Let's say it turns a kid off to playing Bingo, how does he then fill those hours of entertainment?

I'll tell you, drugs is how. They'll do drugs if we scare them away from Bingo, so let's change that shall we?!?!

Are you in?
super pebble wrote
at 6:27 AM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
Ol0llOlll wrote
at 3:05 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
No one is saying Bingo is bad

'Bingo players' just play purely random (just like...Bingo. The chance of winning at Bingo is random)...and they exult when they win (just like... the cry of 'Bingo')

So I, for one, will keep using the term because it fits very well. It's not derogatory towards Bingo. It's derogatory towards the player.
Vasha9276 wrote
at 5:58 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
Ya again, I get it. You're are simply using it to bash other players over a game.. we understand. However I'm not here to lecture about right or wrong in making fun of others, it seems like thats the thing to do here as long as you're friends with the mods.. that much is for certain.

My beef is the word BINGO used negatively makes outsiders think bingo = bad. So when they drive past a Sunday afternoon bingo party they may pass it up because "everyone calls others bingo players as a diss, I don't want to be one of those". They drive past, and then their kids never know of the fun and excitement of bingo.

It's a slippery slope life without bingo, imagine the unimaginable horrors of a world without bingo for a second .... I think if you do this you will understand my urgency and get behind my cause.
***Insane*** wrote
at 6:56 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
LOL Vasha, I see you been muted or banned by one of our mods on another account, is this what it is all really about? But I see you trying to get it lifted by going to a mod you know. Here you can know all the mods but we have limits on what can be said and I can certainly tell you no mod would ban any player by referring to bingo play/player or bingo. No idea who you are or where you come from, but really this is so pointless.
Dick Tucker wrote
at 7:30 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
Insane this is incorrect, its not about that at all. It's about the phrase "bingo players" taken away from the joy of Bingo. I don't want to sit back and allow this to happen anymore!
Dick Tucker wrote
at 7:36 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
Don't you get it? Not only is it extremely rude to make fun of others period, using a term that could then lead to a great game being missed out on by young players who know no better. It's a terrible scenario to think about.

I think in a perfect world we just wouldn't hear about names being called at all, but I know this isn't a perfect world. So I simply ask for the lesser of the evils... lets not ruin bingo please.
***Insane*** wrote
at 7:58 PM, Friday June 16, 2017 EDT
Now it makes sense. Pointless post, even the bingo players would not find this offensive, bingo or poker. LOL
Dick Tucker wrote
at 1:11 AM, Saturday June 17, 2017 EDT
I am sorry you feel it is pointless. I legitimately feel concern for younger players who could see that used and get detracted from ever walking into a Bingo parlor in the future. It's also not nice to really make fun of people, but the overall factor is what it could do to our youth.
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