log in problems
gnice37 wrote
at 6:36 PM, Saturday July 15, 2017 EDT
Chatted w/ Ryan tonight and he is looking into the fix for the log in issues, thx for being patient everyone

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Bama Girl wrote
at 6:56 AM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
Hey gnice, can you please check into another players acct. He can't log on under his old one and is having to play under a new one.

Original acct: hayshed New acct: cosa in airde

Thanks : )
gnice37 wrote
at 5:13 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
thanks Bama...did today at 5:12pm...might take a day or two for ryan to fix...please inform hayshed if you see him....thx
gnice37 wrote
at 5:23 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
also BG if you see her Carole Susie is playing under bellastime...none of her accts were thru facebook...she just needs to change password for the carole susie acct and it should work .... i will look for her also...thx hun
Bama Girl wrote
at 6:55 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
Okay gnice, thanks for the quick response! I really appreciate it, and I know they will also. : )
myerlyn wrote
at 9:53 PM, Wednesday August 2, 2017 EDT
This is just about everytime I get on gpokr and I dont believe it will ever be a permanent fix,like everything else around here.
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