Bama Girl wrote
at 10:51 AM, Wednesday July 19, 2017 EDT
Hi there, I am not complaining. But, wanted to let you know that the lag issue has become so bad that many players including myself are finding it almost impossible to play.

It seems to be much worse during tournaments, and the one time fix of refreshing is no longer working. Refreshing most often removes a player from the table, and at times completely off the site with the need to log back in to resume play.

During the members tourney on the 18th I lagged out and although I remained at the table I was unable to play until I logged back in. I didn't lose any chips. However, it was frustrating and the first time I had ever experienced such a thing during a tournament..

Just thought you might want to be clued in on what players are experiencing.

Thank you & have a great day!

Bama Girl

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"pebble" wrote
at 1:34 PM, Wednesday July 19, 2017 EDT
gl bama
grump wrote
at 6:10 PM, Wednesday July 19, 2017 EDT
my offer remains open Ryan
***Insane*** wrote
at 1:05 PM, Friday July 21, 2017 EDT
Totally agree Bama, the old lag I never got but now ever 2nd hand is really not fun.

Maybe offer more grump?? lol
bwana1964dg wrote
at 12:45 PM, Saturday July 29, 2017 EDT
Like he doesn't already know
Bama Girl wrote
at 6:53 PM, Sunday July 30, 2017 EDT
I am quiet certain, he already knows bwana.

I just thought that since the issue has not yet been fixed, a gentle reminder might be in order...

I so very much appreciate your input though... : )
Bama Girl wrote
at 5:21 PM, Tuesday August 29, 2017 EDT

Can you at least take the time to respond?

Are you working on it, or have you lost interest in even working on a fix as many are saying?????
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