zero game sounds
ml..... wrote
at 7:18 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
Anyone else having a problem? I've tried re-doing my settings several times, also logging out and back in, but nothing works. I've been playing a game with no sound effects for several days.

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Grassy wrote
at 9:46 PM, Monday July 31, 2017 EDT
adobe flash player , if using chrome right click key looking thing with red cross ,
ml..... wrote
at 4:17 PM, Tuesday August 1, 2017 EDT
thx, grassy. New computer. I'll download it and see what happens. dont understand though. had it for a couple of weeks then it disappeared/
i'll let you know
ml..... wrote
at 8:45 PM, Tuesday August 1, 2017 EDT
Success! Thanks again, Grassy. Learn something new every day.
Grassy wrote
at 9:41 PM, Tuesday August 1, 2017 EDT
myerlyn wrote
at 9:50 PM, Wednesday August 2, 2017 EDT
You should try the phone app.It has no sound at all and Im hearing impaired. Ive always relied on sound for when it was my turn.I guess Ryan thinks those who play mobile dont need it so if Im late calling or take longer than blame Ryan.It really sucks for the hearing impaired.
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