Tournaments only Players
Tennister wrote
at 2:31 PM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
Just wondering why some players play tournaments only and never regular tables. Thank you for any response.

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Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 4:58 PM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
They lose at the regular tables...better, smarter players....
***Insane*** wrote
at 5:34 PM, Thursday August 10, 2017 EDT
I only play tourneys cause if i was going to medal in the month I can do it playing two or three tourneys a day instead of spending hours and at the end of the day losing my chips. Although if in the mood I do join tables. Depends who is playing at them.
norteeeizm wrote
at 2:23 AM, Friday August 11, 2017 EDT
Each to their own. I play tables to get chips for tourneys. If I win more it's a good bonus. Many people have multiple accounts but I just run off one win loose or draw.
ATClocker wrote
at 8:15 AM, Friday August 11, 2017 EDT
I play both, but prefer playing tournaments. Tournaments usually last one hour or less and then I go do something else. Sometimes I lift weights between tournaments, mow the lawn, watch TV, or play regular tables. Also, I try to win multiple medals some months playing different accounts.
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