HighRollerCasino wrote
at 1:42 PM, Saturday September 30, 2017 EDT
Starting Hand
Spector raises $1,974,396
bomb_ally calls
Dealing flop: [4c, Th, 6c]
Dealing turn: [2s]
Dealing river: [9c]
bomb_ally shows [8s, 8d] for a pair of eights
Spector shows [7c, 3d] for ten high
bomb_ally wins main pot $3,940,000
Spector wins side pot $14,396

bomb_ally: n1
Spector: take the chips
Spector: whenever ur ready
Spector: vn

WTF is this all about?

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ThamesBoy wrote
at 6:26 PM, Saturday September 30, 2017 EDT
was witness to this....

not cheating... spec had given up for the month, guess he wanted 1st or nothing.. so was just going all in until he got a call. wasnt calling out his cards or anything and could have just as easily won the hand

not cheating imo
DaddyME wrote
at 12:38 PM, Sunday October 1, 2017 EDT
Cheating or not, I was the loser in his play. I finished 3rd place. Bomb had a lead of about 88k. He got about 18k from Spector.
DaddyME wrote
at 7:27 PM, Sunday October 1, 2017 EDT
I meant 1.8 million
ALL IN bad taste wrote
at 2:37 AM, Monday October 2, 2017 EDT
In the last day of playing you cant for sure say it IS CHEATING because a lot of players do that give there chips away.I was on a table on the last day last month where every hand from Lucky was ALL IN 1 or 2 hands he won but lost the majority he lost.
! player came on the table with 50k but walked away with over a million.I just couldn't get a hand to pick up some easy chips.Was it stupid YES but it was Luckys choice and you cant do anything about it !!! Its not real money is it LOL
grump wrote
at 8:59 PM, Saturday October 7, 2017 EDT
I dumped what money I acquire each month, I like playing but don't care about the medals.
DaddyME wrote
at 8:36 AM, Sunday October 8, 2017 EDT
Grump, why do you have 8 medals if you are dumping your chips every month?
PUBG wrote
at 5:37 AM, Friday October 13, 2017 EDT
report for hacks
grump wrote
at 9:09 PM, Tuesday October 31, 2017 EDT
I used to compete when there were lots of players, but have not won a medal since 2012.
DaddyME wrote
at 9:54 AM, Wednesday November 1, 2017 EDT
Grump, you won 2 medals in 2014
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