Joining tournaments
norteeeizm wrote
at 3:57 AM, Sunday November 12, 2017 EST
Just wondering if there is any way to see you have actually joined? In"tournaments" it only gives you the information and who won last one, not who has joined, am I missing something or thats not available? Thx

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Gregory K wrote
at 1:45 PM, Sunday November 12, 2017 EST
nortee when you click the join button, it turns to joined...hope that helps your question. there is no way to know others that have joined until the tournament starts
norteeeizm wrote
at 8:45 AM, Monday November 13, 2017 EST
GK if it says joined doesn't always happen. Just looking for solutions not problems. If you look up tournaments it doesn't show you who joined, just some info. It was just an idea and I'm not bagging it but there could be more useful information-like who joined. Be good to know who is in it for an example. Gl n see you out there, been a while mate. Gl
Timl78 wrote
at 3:39 PM, Thursday November 16, 2017 EST
Root of this problem is that you can have GPokr open in a browser window for a while and your authenication sometimes drops out, but GPokr gives almost no indication of this. You can join a tourney and GPokr shows that you have joined but you havent really joined because you are not authenicated. If I have left GPokr open for a while and join a tourney, I will do a F5 and refresh the browser, I log back in if prompted, and then have to join the tourney again.
Gregory K wrote
at 7:43 PM, Thursday November 16, 2017 EST
good explanation Tim...this recently has been an issue that has been passed to Ryan
norteeeizm wrote
at 4:51 AM, Wednesday November 22, 2017 EST
No worries as I said, it happened again tonight while playing a tourney? I have to just join and log out of the game to see if I am in the next one. No big deal, just wondered if there was an easier way. Thx for getting back to me guys. )
goforit wrote
at 10:12 PM, Tuesday November 28, 2017 EST
This happens to me all of the time and I forget to refresh so when I'm waiting to play in the tourney I think that alls well and then I disappointed when it's time to play......bummer
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