Dont join the freeroll and play another table instead
Delboy71 wrote
at 9:06 AM, Wednesday December 6, 2017 EST

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Delboy71 wrote
at 9:12 AM, Wednesday December 6, 2017 EST
then plays freeroll and 100/200 at same time


elbbep wrote
at 7:05 AM, Sunday December 10, 2017 EST
take note del , not 1 of the 10 mods have bothered to reply or act in the 4 days this post has been up
sorry to say you are wasting your time m8
elbbep wrote
at 3:40 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
correction 12 days
chronic wrote
at 7:05 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
i didnt reply to this because it looks like a statement. if you read the rules, there is no rule against joining a tournament and not playing it.
chronic wrote
at 7:07 PM, Monday December 18, 2017 EST
del if you see this message please let me know if he was playing both tables, thx and sorry it took me awhile to see this.
norteeeizm wrote
at 5:36 AM, Wednesday December 20, 2017 EST
Its gpokr, worse happens and always will. I hope that you all win with AA because I think it is the hardest hand to win with, only on gp so regularly, it is a very funny program.
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