Joining tournaments
norteeeizm wrote
at 2:12 AM, Friday December 8, 2017 EST
This is what some call a joke but what a waste of fkn time. I done everything a mod has told me to but to no avail. Why tf be a member? Joined had a seat with to many chips, logged out. Joined and same. Joined and didn't play for 30mins to make sure that I had a seat. No seat? Bs and I already posted a fix ror it but it was way too hard, what do you expect when you have a mod tell you that you can join and still can't? I am glad you took the liberty of responding but still the same old bs n loose 10k for the trouble of wanting to play members tourneys. I will not hold my breath and keep the 10k too

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"pebble" wrote
at 7:15 AM, Friday December 8, 2017 EST
gnice37 wrote
at 1:54 PM, Friday December 8, 2017 EST
Nortee sorry you are having issues. I checked your acct and the 10k wasnt removed. I believe before i had told you it has to do with sitting idle, if you are just sitting watching a table for an extended amount of time (not sure the length but 30 minutes has done it to me also), the server doesnt recognize you as logged on. I have relayed this to Ryan and it seems it is a problem on the server end and not gpokr. After this happening to me and other players, Now i refresh join and sit playing until the tournament starts. Hope this helps m8, not sure of any other fix for this right now and will see if Ryan has found a solution from the server company. Sorry again m8, you are not the only one experiencing this issue.
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:07 AM, Saturday December 9, 2017 EST
The main point says that I joined. I re sat and chips were back. I joined again and logged out. Same thing again. I then joined,left site until the tournament. What else is there to do?. It's a riddle that isn't your fault gk but you could see that it would be frustrating. Gl and I will have to keep keeping on....
norteeeizm wrote
at 1:59 AM, Saturday December 9, 2017 EST
Now I have joined members twice I still have chips over. Once I joined it says that I have but gives me more chips than I should after joining? I will try joinnig with a minute to go and see if that helps?
norteeeizm wrote
at 2:11 AM, Saturday December 9, 2017 EST
Same thing again,the main reason I am a member is for the tournaments. Waste of time if I can't even play them. I battle to make the buy in but means nothing if I can't play them hey....
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