Rev-olution wrote
at 7:17 PM, Thursday February 1, 2018 EST

This shows participation rates and $$$ needed to medal across the eleven full years of the game which began mid 2006.

(at year end)* 100th POSITION:
Av score across 12m ($000)
2017 1400 154
2016 1600 187
2015 2300 171
2014 2200 195
2013 3000 233
2012 3800 309
2011 5700 340
2010 7000 447
2009 7000 660
2008 10000 664
2007 15000 610

*Average monthly players at year end is based on the rankings of a sample of 6-10 players with a zero score in December of each year. Since 20%+ of players end up with zero, even the lowest ranking in my sample may understate the actual number.


Well, I like this game and donâ??t want to see it peter out.

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"pebble" wrote
at 6:31 AM, Friday February 2, 2018 EST
good stats there, just confirms what most of us already knew, ryan said from the start "gpokr is an experiment"
now i think its safe to say i don't think he expected it to go on this long!
it will defiantly "peter out" at some point and to be fair i don't think that point is too far away now, ryan Never improves or updates the site anymore and does not fix the glitches in the program, he very rarely come on here and, is very infrequent in talking to his "mods" i would be very surprised if it sees out 2018.
fingerpie69 wrote
at 4:07 PM, Friday February 2, 2018 EST
it needs shutting down talks to his shitty arse mods behind are backs then they go back to his gay den to get praised in stead of looking after his players ryan youre pizza money will run out soon
meanspirit wrote
at 10:27 PM, Monday February 12, 2018 EST
In Feb, we have reached 1000 playing by the 12th (only 3 are mine). Last month we finished on 1420.
meanspirit wrote
at 4:46 PM, Monday February 26, 2018 EST
1273 by the 26th is close to last month's 1420.... but persistent site crashes don't help.
Rev-olution wrote
at 11:54 PM, Wednesday February 28, 2018 EST
OK, so 1300 accounts played in Feb, a short month with some downtime.
125k for 100th isn't great, but we're not dead yet.
Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 1:13 AM, Thursday March 1, 2018 EST
Bring out your dead................!
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