Uploading an older AV, lessons learned...
noddin0ff wrote
at 5:47 PM, Thursday March 8, 2018 EST
Lessons learned on restoring AVs. I was AV-less and not able to upload any of several old AVs I have used before. I tried a few things. Basically, if this is happening to you, you can't upload the same image as was previously used.

What worked for me: I changed the color of a pixel and re-saved. Then it uploaded fine.

What did not work: Changing the file name.

What I did not try #1: Saving the same image as a new file. Possible changing the creation date might be enough.

What I did not try #2: Saving as a different format. Mine are all jpg, but maybe png or some other extension would work.


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LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 6:32 PM, Thursday March 8, 2018 EST
tyvm nodd for this, i hope it helps the players...thx again
The Cure wrote
at 7:36 AM, Friday March 9, 2018 EST
If the av is too big and wont upload how do I reduce the size and save and then upload ???
I mean I have av's that wont upload to gpokr so how do I resolve this please ???
noddin0ff wrote
at 12:22 PM, Friday March 9, 2018 EST
They need to be 72 x 72 pixels
noddin0ff wrote
at 12:24 PM, Friday March 9, 2018 EST
the specifics of how you resize depends on the software you use...
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 12:24 PM, Friday March 9, 2018 EST
quite a few sites that can help you with this cure....try this one (let me know if this works, i did not try this site yet)
noddin0ff wrote
at 12:34 PM, Friday March 9, 2018 EST
Well, no it looks like I can upload any of my old AVs without modification. So, either.

1) after you load a new av, you can then upload any of your old, previously blocked avs.


2) the problem has been fixed.

Odds are #1. But, what do I know.

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