lulu jamby wrote
at 1:48 AM, Saturday August 4, 2018 EDT
he cant stop with the demeaning remarks toward me...he uses the word "we" when he puts me in nobody etc..see naglino about 1:40 am on 8/4..........if I speak w/someone he chimes in and is a nasty bore...
lulu jamby

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Siandara wrote
at 5:50 AM, Saturday August 4, 2018 EDT
Lulu don't let him annoy ya he a donk gl on tables lady
lulu jamby wrote
at 8:49 AM, Saturday August 4, 2018 EDT
aww thanks hon.........I just want to hang out with good pple and have some fun!!
thanks again
you are such a treat!!
KC 97 wrote
at 11:57 AM, Saturday August 4, 2018 EDT
you need to show the replay # so we can see what is happening...he just got his chat back and was warned about this...but we cant do anything without the proof...
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 3:43 PM, Saturday August 4, 2018 EDT
Leave him don't answer him
Terry321123 wrote
at 12:27 AM, Sunday August 5, 2018 EDT
lulu maybe u talk to much when player's do not need 2 hear from u
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 9:08 AM, Sunday August 5, 2018 EDT
Hey Terry don't hurt my friend she is good, friendly person
***Insane*** wrote
at 1:25 AM, Monday August 6, 2018 EDT
We have our druggies, drunks and so called hackers on this site. Ignore who you dont want to talk to and carry on speaking who you do. Terry thats not nice, Im known at times not to shut up, thats what this site is all about the sociability. Good to see you still around though.
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