norteeeizm wrote
at 10:12 AM, Monday September 10, 2018 EDT
Pebble or whatever you want to play as your trash. Lots of. ... you're not very smart, you might have chips for a changebut you know that you will loose them. Probably a little thing called karma, Google it. Lololol

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elbbep wrote
at 12:54 PM, Monday September 10, 2018 EDT
nort, i don't know what your problem is but, as moo_moo and papacharlie said your constant "pretend" lag as you play is disrespectful, you keep saying i am not very smart? i am not trying to be, just wish you would go back to playing properly like you used too.
norteeeizm wrote
at 3:34 AM, Tuesday September 11, 2018 EDT
Its a shame pebs, I have played with you on here for a long time and your change I can't explain. I play on my phone and if I am involved in chat then I often lagg. I am only human and you must admit that the chat that was happening was crap so yes I did run a few hands out. If you weren't so hostile I'd probably not have posted anything, but when you start swearing and carrying on and egging other players on then why would I rush to make you happy? Simply every time your on a table its zzzzzzzzzz,unless you just single me out then I'm sure other players will agree.As for not being smart that's you rushing to chat with crap and not making any sense or not spelling simple words right. Don't worry I'm a big boy and it's ok but why do you want to make trouble?
elbbep wrote
at 6:44 AM, Tuesday September 11, 2018 EDT
i have not changed, your play has
i have never been hostile to you
yes i type zzzz as you have admitted you were being childish running hands out
i never edged any other player on you are a liar, pappa charile told you you were being disrespectful.
moo-moo told you to stop your stupid chat and play!
and i have never wanted to make trouble, you along with phizz make the game impossible to play when you are at the table with your "pretend" lag when no one else is lagging, sorry if i make a typo occasionally, i am human , and as you know i always say "sorry" when i have. you called me various names and i responded, but no worry i will make sure i copy the chat in future.or even better don't play the same table as me!
norteeeizm wrote
at 3:38 AM, Wednesday September 12, 2018 EDT
Would love be able to go back to the chat of those games, I didn't swear and really it doesn't matter. Gl and it's a shame that its turned out like it has. Tc n all the best.
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 2:58 AM, Thursday September 13, 2018 EDT
This is not ur fault and him, that is my mistake sorry RAMU THE GREAT
norteeeizm wrote
at 4:59 AM, Thursday September 13, 2018 EDT
Lol Ram, its all good, sometimes people don't see eye to eye but that's OK.
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