Game 82949044 2500 Tourney
The Cure wrote
at 5:54 AM, Sunday November 25, 2018 EST
3 of us went all in
Best Pablo
The Cure
kingsdrive won with 10JQKA
The pay out went to him albeit briefly.
My acc disappeared from the table but then came back and it said $0 chips but I could play in the next hand.
So I went all-in with NO CHIPS and received back the chips I lost in the last hand I played.
Poor old kingsdrive couldn't believe it
Neither could I,even Best Pablo got his chips back and kingsdrive won nothing
This site has briefly gone Tits Up ???

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The Cure wrote
at 6:18 AM, Sunday November 25, 2018 EST
Another 1
mad king had NO CHIPS he just lost them all
mad king won the following hand the hand he shouldn't have been in but it didn't pay him out but still ????
2nd time I find a mishap today.
How many more will there be ???
gnice37 wrote
at 8:17 PM, Sunday November 25, 2018 EST
thx for the info, site crashed last night and this has been happening since....i will pass this on to ryan to try and get it fixed
Timl78 wrote
at 6:16 AM, Monday November 26, 2018 EST
saw same thing happen twice today
norteeeizm wrote
at 7:48 AM, Monday November 26, 2018 EST
Don't want to hate bet seen the same things happen as we'll

Timl78 wrote
at 11:04 PM, Sunday December 2, 2018 EST
Same thing again today. Terry32123 was knocked out but sat in the next hand as "ALL IN". See below, the game cannot be replayed as it doesnt exist. "This URL no longer exists"

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ah, 3h]
hghstpr folds
jack be nimble folds
Punk In Drublic folds
Joker 80 raises $1,600
Punk In Drublic sits in
Timl78 folds
Terry321123 calls
Dealing flop: [8s, Kd, 7d]
Dealing turn: [3s]
Dealing river: [Kc]
Joker 80 shows [8d, 9d] for two pair, Kings and eights
Terry321123 shows [6d, Td] for a pair of Kings
Joker 80 wins main pot $3,300
Joker 80 wins side pot $150
Timl78 wrote
at 11:07 PM, Sunday December 2, 2018 EST
Next 2 games were
and showing Terry312123 back in the game
Timl78 wrote
at 8:48 PM, Monday December 3, 2018 EST
Another instance. Kacha and Z went all in and lost but were still in the next hand. Game was but this game file no longer exists or my guess is that it wasn't created.
Next hand,, was won by another player but it can be seen in that both Kacha and Z received chips.
I was knocked out by Kacha later in the tourney which makes playing Gpokr a waste of time.
"pebble" wrote
at 6:03 AM, Tuesday December 4, 2018 EST
Timl78 wrote
at 2:28 AM, Wednesday December 5, 2018 EST
Thanks Pebs. When Ryan doesnt reply maybe you can try [email protected] which I haven't received a reply on for over 12 months.
toxic_avenger23 wrote
at 1:28 PM, Thursday December 6, 2018 EST
It's an on going thing. In every tourney I've played today someone has glitch back.
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