Ryan R.I.P.
leon6854 wrote
at 9:43 AM, Friday January 4, 2019 EST
Wiew that on the last 2 month, the owner of this site, is complitely disappered ando don't take any care on the site, i think is not still in live, so Ryan R.I.P.

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"pebble" wrote
at 2:53 PM, Friday January 4, 2019 EST
WOW just WOW !!
i know ryan has not maintained/ looked after the site, and that has frustrated us all, because we know it should, and can be so much better, but to say "R.I.P" like the guy is dead is discussing, absolutely discussing.
Snoods wrote
at 5:52 PM, Friday January 4, 2019 EST
Pebble donâ??t think he meant Ryan rip was talking about the site I no Leon long time on here he not that unsisative gl pebbs this month and all hny.
"pebble" wrote
at 7:41 AM, Saturday January 5, 2019 EST
i hope you are right snoods, because the post title says "rip ryan" not rip gpokr... and he also signs off with "so rip ryan"
leon6854 wrote
at 10:59 AM, Saturday January 5, 2019 EST
My reflection was absolutely about is interest to the site, not about is live.
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 4:39 AM, Monday January 7, 2019 EST
Pebbles is big brother to this site
grump wrote
at 2:53 PM, Monday January 7, 2019 EST
Ryan is a good guy just other interests right noe
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