Were the fuck is my Chips Ryan / Mods??
sillybluffer wrote
at 4:01 AM, Tuesday January 8, 2019 EST
Ryan / Mods, Explain this!!!

I won a hand over 350k on my 2nd to last hand of the day yesterday! it hasn't registered on the highest win hand of the month or gave me the chips.
I went to work yesterday in 1st place with 695k showing on my account and when i logged on today I only have 395k WTF???

the hand was, All Over (can't remember his hand), Mad King(had QQ) and Il principle (had AK) it went all in preflop.
I win the hand and the chips show and now they have gone?

i only played 1 hand after this hand but can't see them on my stats.

Maybe Ryan took my chips to buy a hooker and cocaine while buzzing off us playing his pathetic site???

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sillybluffer wrote
at 2:04 PM, Tuesday January 8, 2019 EST
What the fuck is going on ya dumb bastard Ryan!

Look at the hand?
i just Killed him, he keeps his chips and i get Fuck all again!

thats 420k you owe me now!!
KC 97 wrote
at 11:30 PM, Tuesday January 8, 2019 EST
everyone knows there are problems with the site and losing chips ..has happened to myself as well..all we can do is inform ryan of the problems..(which he has been)..and wait for him to fix things..that being said..your language on the forum will not be tolerated and any more like it and you will lose posting ability..
elbbep wrote
at 4:17 AM, Wednesday January 9, 2019 EST
Great way to deal with the players clear frustration

Kc you Muppet~!!
sillybluffer wrote
at 5:09 AM, Wednesday January 9, 2019 EST
KC, if you check my stats you will see i haven't played for a few months so i didn't know about these stupid glitches!!!!

Also i will type and speak how i want too, your pathetic control / power on a site that Ryan doesn't care about means nothing to me.

thanks for acknowledging my post though ad advising there is an issue.
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 7:55 AM, Wednesday January 9, 2019 EST
Silly I damaged this site, bcoz they are not obeying my greatness
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 8:34 PM, Wednesday January 9, 2019 EST
Lol pebbles
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