pebble / rhx55 / shammy1 cheating
mad king wrote
at 6:08 AM, Wednesday March 6, 2019 EST
pebble is running multiple accounts right now at table Phizz. can he be punished for that?

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RHX55 wrote
at 6:18 AM, Wednesday March 6, 2019 EST
no he can;t because hes not!!!
shammy1 wrote
at 6:26 AM, Wednesday March 6, 2019 EST
wtf are you on about you dummy i only know pebble by playing on here we talk have a laugh play the game thats about it you soft twat get a grip of youeself boy
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 11:01 PM, Wednesday March 6, 2019 EST
Don't be silly mad, with out proper proof don't blame old players,
@Legend31398933 wrote
at 11:31 PM, Wednesday March 6, 2019 EST
Mad has multiple personality disorder, so he raised multiple concept, he always obsessing about pebble, so he imaging every player is pebble, if u got jaundice, every thing looks like yellow, like that ur watching pebble every where, man thinks about enemy more than friend. Ur like that now
mad king wrote
at 4:10 AM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST


when you are sitting at the table and shammy1:
-joins the table for the apparently to support rhx55's support of an argument that he wasn't even around for when it happened.

-has the same speaking style and makes the exact same spelling and grammatical errors as rhx55

-leaves at the same time as rhx55

-comments in this thread 4 minutes apart from rhx55.

if this isn't enough evidence then you can go "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" as pebble/rhx55/shammy1 says.

btw i could care less about pebble, although i find it notable that he suddenly hates me again after trying so hard to be my friend last month because i didn't reciprocate his overtures.
mad king wrote
at 4:11 AM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST
bit of an edit fail there above:

*joins the table to support rhx55s side of an argument.
RHX55 wrote
at 5:12 AM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST
Stupid attention seeking idiot,
my advise is go speak to a mod with your idiotic assumptions, and they will confirm to you that shammy is not the same person as RHX55
and for the record i have never played the same table with two accounts
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 6:56 AM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST
Bwana makes zzzz, is he rhx? Wat do u mean, some times giving explanation makes problem more typical, ur self declared king of pokr, please continue
@JuniorDobbo wrote
at 10:35 AM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST
Mad King, not sure what happened but Pebble and RHX55 are not the same people. Mistakes happen, suggest we move on and enjoy taking each otherâ??s chips
gnice37 wrote
at 4:44 PM, Thursday March 7, 2019 EST
definitely not the same player
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