altoman "f" bombs table
Noobero Uno wrote
at 12:38 PM, Sunday April 7, 2019 EDT
Someone needs to speak with altoman about "f" bombing table. This happened between 11:00 & 11:15 AM CT. Present @ table were: ACE BABE, DaddyMe, JoFan, Noobero Uno and others.

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ACE BABE wrote
at 4:06 AM, Monday April 8, 2019 EDT
it's cool!
am used to him calling me a TWAT,CUNT, FUCK OFF and many more.

don't waste ya time on this fool.
big al wrote
at 11:43 AM, Monday April 8, 2019 EDT
his language not good for the younger people needs to be muted
gnice37 wrote
at 8:29 PM, Monday April 8, 2019 EDT
I apologize to everyone, i just recently lifted his 7 year ban for language, thought i would give him another shot....seems he never learned, this player is now permanently muted....thx for reporting
norteeeizm wrote
at 4:38 AM, Tuesday April 9, 2019 EDT
You don't muck around g, a 7 year ban... Lol
Snoods wrote
at 6:01 AM, Tuesday April 9, 2019 EDT
I told his mother once he came of the tit the bad language would start up again tut tut
"pebble" wrote
at 8:00 AM, Tuesday April 9, 2019 EDT
lynn may banned him permanently, gnice lifted the ban
norteeeizm wrote
at 8:51 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2019 EDT
Go Lin ')
norteeeizm wrote
at 8:53 AM, Wednesday April 10, 2019 EDT
myerlyn wrote
at 4:08 PM, Thursday April 11, 2019 EDT
Pathetic!Thats like putting someone on death row or in prison for life.Whats the sense of them being here anymore?Sure I agree with the ban but just to point out that I had a account banned (Freakee Boner)with NO warnings only because of the name which most Mods knew about and had the account around for years.And to prove it had noting to do with the name I can point out players that still play with names no worse then Freakee Boner or our avatars and they had bans put on them where as Freakee NEVER did so this is based on KKM's little hate towards me.Sure I never cared for her as a Mod but I didnt go around bad mouthing her or mistreating her and she knows it.I occasionally spoke to her.Other then that I simply just ignored her.Greg is a Great Mod but not all of them are on the same page.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:25 PM, Thursday April 11, 2019 EDT
thx myer...i agree, i try to give ppl chances and noticed how long the ban was. i think lynn possibly forgot about the acct, gave him another chance, but then he started the same thing.
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