Mad liar
norteeeizm wrote
at 6:57 AM, Sunday May 12, 2019 EDT
I have been told he has posted crap that I couldn't find. As usual and because he's so weak only posts half a story. He was hectic and I was glad to have fun pulling his leg. If anyone knows what I'm talking about please chuck it on this thread and I can put things straight. If not, oh well ya might have gotten a laugh. If you think he's just a normal person I would disagree.. Lol.

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@VunnamRamu wrote
at 12:37 PM, Sunday May 12, 2019 EDT
Nice nor, ur true hero
Terry321123 wrote
at 7:35 PM, Sunday May 12, 2019 EDT
y just play the game gpokr quit being a cry baby and a bitch
***Insane*** wrote
at 2:13 AM, Monday May 13, 2019 EDT
Let's see:
They framed me for cheating, but there are real cheats among that group. I suffer the consequences but they somehow dont. I get abuse from them nonstop. They even wound up and set loose a thug (norteeeizm) to make death threats against me. (1) He's bragged about his prison time to me. It's like the fucken pizzagate thing. This lowlife (norteeeizm) who I've never once spoken to started coming up to me and saying stuff like "I know u dont like me and I dont like u" and I'm thinking WTF, I don't even know who you are.

I take threats to my life very seriously. I'm still very seriously considering making a police report about these threats.

What a great bunch.

Its in the post just before this one.
@JuniorDobbo wrote
at 9:07 AM, Monday May 13, 2019 EDT
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:37 PM, Monday May 13, 2019 EDT
LMFAO, it was you telling me that you have almost killed someone else who pulled a knife on you. I thought I'd have a laugh and string you along, like a mullet you kept coming in and saying more. I don't know why you left out the part of flying to Australia so you could kill me.... In tears of laughter you nut job. The banter went alot longer than that and it just goes to show how weak mk is.... You have more problems than me responding to your crap for a laugh. You were going on like a killer, more like a kitten.oops Gl with anything else you want to pursue... Most people know that you are a Gronk... And Terry who can count to 123 gfu... Lol got ya again matee.. Lol
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:47 PM, Monday May 13, 2019 EDT
Dh mk, the only time I mentioned you was in a thread you made about being in a tourney and playing tables. I stated a fact that I don't care much about you at all. If you weren't paying multiple tables on purpose than that is an honest mistake, however I think I will take KCs word against yours any day of the week. Hoo roo and I suppose you will find a new name but everyone will still know who and what you are because you are
mad king wrote
at 4:49 AM, Friday May 17, 2019 EDT
Threatening to kill someone is not pulling their leg.

Futhermore I never said I was going to kill you or made any threat to you whatsoever. I am way too careful to say anything like that.

What I did do was ask for your name and address and imply that I might be willing to meet you. It was only for the purpose of trying to get you to reveal your identity for the police report.

Your lies are slander and just another type of cyber bullying. That and your general lack of repentance have convinced me that I need to report you to the Coffs Harbor police.

PS Be careful lying to the police, they will not take kindly to false allegations.
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:13 PM, Sunday May 19, 2019 EDT
LMFAO, I told what airport to land in you wanker.... You know what I wish you were as good as your bullshit!!! I'm safe and sound and your sad.... Anytime anywhere knife boy... You made my night, your a funny guy or whatever, I don't mind '-)))#
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:14 PM, Sunday May 19, 2019 EDT
And don't forget the police are our friends.... LMFAO again!!!!
norteeeizm wrote
at 12:25 PM, Sunday May 19, 2019 EDT
I don't think you have ever been on a plane, you couldn't work out how to buckle, pure gold and I know you wouldn't post anything about me online? You are making me feel scared..... Rontfwl... Doosh)
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