More death threats
cabbie wrote
at 8:48 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
Hi, its weird to see that clown KC 97 rules that arent even on the books (no multitabling) and doing nothing about death threats.

could you at least run the semblance of a responsible online service and ban simple m please?

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KC 97 wrote
at 9:41 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
when he said (now i kill you) i am sure he meant taking all your chips..i do not think he meant it to do you any bodily harm..i have seen this many times said to different people even myself and noone took it as a death threat...if he would have said..(i will kill you) that would be a different far as this clown telling you not to play multiple tables..the rules say 1 acct at a time ..if you are on 2 tables thats not 1 at a time...since ive been a mod this is the way it has been...
cabbie wrote
at 10:02 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
The rules are right here:

They don't say that. It's not written down anywhere so there is no specific policy.

You've told me more than once that I can choose to play where I like. So it's confusing that you then tried to force me to join the tournament and then gave me a 30 minute ban for refusing to do so. The ban was after I logged off, so what was even the point of it?

The site could have been programmed to enforce a "you must play your tournaments" rule, but there is a cancel button if you don't feel like playing.

Maybe you should change the rules page and write down what the policy is and stop giving players conflicting information.
cabbie wrote
at 10:13 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
PS please dont make me explain what an account is because neither one of us will enjoy it.
KC 97 wrote
at 10:59 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
ask any other mod and they will tell you the same thing...
KC 97 wrote
at 11:01 PM, Monday June 10, 2019 EDT
its MY opinion that you just like to argue with people and complain alot
cabbie wrote
at 12:10 AM, Tuesday June 11, 2019 EDT
Its MY opinion that you focus on stupid things like how badly you can inconsistently enforce an unwritten policy instead of serious things like death threats, of which I have to deal with on a weekly basis.
Pretty sure no court would parse "now i kill u" and "I will kill you" any differently other than one indicating slightly greater urgency.

I guess I will have to go back into my self designed gpokr witness protection program. Thanks BTW for OUTing me ya jerk.

KC 97: gonna play the tourney or here ..cant do both
cabbie: stayin here
KC 97: your holding up the tourney by being away
papacharlie has left
KC 97 has left
KC 97 has left
lulu jamby is here
KC 97 has left
KC 97 has left
KC 97: cabbie..if you would prefer i can take you off this table till the tourney is over
cabbie: what do you mean? you said "are you gonna play the table or here?" i chose here.
KC 97: but you cant sit at both
cabbie: so remove me from the tournament then
KC 97: cant remove from tourneys
cabbie: that must be why often there are so many players on sitout.
KC 97: its simple ..just go finiosh the tourney ..then come back here
cabbie: you said before that i had a choice. indentured servitude?
lulu jamby: stop it
KC 97: you shouldnt join them if your not gonna play
cabbie: the games run so rarely on here, no one can predict when they will and wont be going
KC 97: listen mad king..dont argue with me...
cabbie: im not arguing or going. ban this account if you need to.
KC 97: done deal
ATClocker: cabbie is mad king?
lulu jamby: u annoying sack o woe
lulu jamby: must be
cabbie: Ive been driving a cab for 40 damn year
lulu jamby: recognoze the argumemtative nature????
cabbie: he said i had a choice...what is he trying to make gpokr great again?
cabbie: sorry...i dont take orders
lulu jamby: 49th street.............
lulu jamby: lol great for a cabbie\
ATClocker: gl lulu...cya
***Insane*** wrote
at 12:45 AM, Tuesday June 11, 2019 EDT
LOL mad dork strikes again. The way you cry about things one wouldnt think you are old enough to be driving for 40 years.
luigi rossa wrote
at 11:12 AM, Tuesday June 11, 2019 EDT
Mad king = Attention seeking Fag.
Don't give him the attention he craves.
cabbie wrote
at 1:39 PM, Tuesday June 11, 2019 EDT
Calling me that is hate speech. You should be banned for it.

BTW Luigi has 1.7M in chips and refuses to give me any action above 100/200. For a week he said he was at work and couldn't play less than 4 handed. Then I found him playing HU and suggested we go play and now he says he won't play because I'm an asshole/fag etc. So? You imagine he'd want to take my chips if he could so it's not as if that has anything to do with it.

He's a COWARD. Ofc, as always I stacked him 4 or 5 times at 100/200 in that 1 hour session so I suppose his fear is justified but it's just so damn pathetic...
cabbie wrote
at 1:42 PM, Tuesday June 11, 2019 EDT
BTW I dispute the notion that I'm attention seeking. I wouldnt keep changing account if that was true. 100% only interested in punitive justice & the mods growing a spine.

Ofc I should be allowed to use the rules to my advantage, that's what they are there for (for all players).
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