Not seated players evening 1 July 26 4:00 Pacific time
mgb1 wrote
at 7:16 PM, Sunday July 28, 2019 EDT
Paid 5,000, deducted from my bank, waited to be seated, never called.
Looked at table, table for players evening 1 is made up of paying members and monitors. WTF, NO SPECIAL treatment.

Return my chips, I see that the game is only to make those special people get more chips and look better for the month.

REVIEW the game and tell me Iâ??m lying.

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mgb1 wrote
at 7:30 PM, Sunday July 28, 2019 EDT
Sorry, wrong date listed. Only because I am pissed off again.
Kdelon. Member
KC97. Member, advisor
Jackie roll Member
Go for it Member, contributor

I would have been the 5th player in game.
I have refreshed and still have not received my 5000 refund.

I stand by my previous statements of favoritism towards paying members

at 2:01 AM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
All the payers know it's how you win here...
Membership has killed this site...
Can you buy a clear conscience with that $30 ?????
norteeeizm wrote
at 11:18 AM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
Cmon, u think members always win? I cant even place sometimes... I used to complain at the start, but gp is different. You have never won an impossible hand on the river? Griv.. Case closed. I think this site was made for fun. I play others to and loose with AA... Stay or go or play poker?
norteeeizm wrote
at 11:23 AM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
Pay for a cup of coffee everyday? I pay the little bit and get a bonus at the start of the month, then I can also play members only if I have the chips.... Whats not fair?
Gone Away wrote
at 4:49 PM, Monday July 29, 2019 EDT
25000 chips vs.1500 at the start of play...that's fair?
Like I said ,,,,,no conscience.....
gnice37 wrote
at 10:25 PM, Wednesday August 7, 2019 EDT
at the time you stated that would of been a member tournament, which only members can join. it may have initially took your chips, but the site will automatically refund the chips after tournament starts, it will not send you a message, i think you may have not noticed the refund....havent had any issues w/ this in a long time
elbbep wrote
at 6:05 AM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
hi, what about the MD post?
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