One player with two accounts in the same tourney
MGM wrote
at 6:01 PM, Friday August 2, 2019 EDT
In the Daily 5k Reprise 2 on August 2, I believe simple m played with another account at the same table (Primitivi1966).

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MGM wrote
at 6:04 PM, Friday August 2, 2019 EDT
And he ended up winning 1st and 2nd with both accounts. I could be wrong but it looked like blatant cheating to me.
mgb1 wrote
at 10:05 PM, Friday August 2, 2019 EDT
That is going on more than you realize, but no one is doing anything about it. They are too busy playing the game themselves.

Watch, nothing will happen.
KC 97 wrote
at 9:34 PM, Saturday August 3, 2019 EDT
I did some IP address checking on those 2 accts and did not find that they are related..also checked all of simple m accts and found no ip addresses that those 2 accts are not the same player...will continue to check in case i missed something...thanks for the report...
gnice37 wrote
at 10:22 PM, Wednesday August 7, 2019 EDT
let me add to kc 97's comment...moderators dont usually sit around and tell players who has been muted or removed from the site. It is not our job to tell anyone.
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