elbbep wrote
at 4:19 PM, Tuesday August 6, 2019 EDT
POKRMAN1: good suck,cavy
yellowvette12: nh
elbbep: nh
pafc is here
pafc has left
cavy65: ty
itsme1 is here
-MD- has left
krasi has left
PerfectI is here
PerfectI has left
krasi is here
krasi has left
sharon ODonnell has left
yellowvette12 has left
Poople has left
Poople has signed up. Welcome Poople!
RY4N1994 has left
itsme1 has left
POKRMAN1 has left
Poople has left
Poople is here
elbbep: ahh an admirer
elbbep: nice
Poople: we are the same person. its just another pebble alt !
elbbep: it Mini Dick with his multiple accounts
Poople: just teasing guys. its me trying to get ahead. Pebble.
elbbep: he loves me soooooo much lol
Poople: here comes the ol pump n dump
elbbep: i think hes star struck lol
Poople: i think elbbep is starstruck for sure!
joseef is here
elbbep: you want my autograph ?
Poople: its me pebble playing from my cell phone!
colts3064 is here
jaybee58 has left
RY4N1994 is here
colts3064 has left
kp94 is here
Poople: call me pebble's wife
kp94 has left
elbbep: great... then we can get the ip checked
aja: twins??
Poople: yoiu know we have VPN silly
Poople: i am Pebbles wife
elbbep: is MD being a dick as usual
Poople: I am trying to get him up to a medal this month
Poople: he has been failing and being a big grump around the house
elbbep: get a mod and ppl can see what a sad little boy you are.....
Poople: I keep telling the old coot to play better cards - but he just says WOMAN KNOW YOUR PLACE!

oople: i am Elbbep's wife - you will show me some respect!
RY4N1994: MD you must be bored in work
Poople: i am pebbles wife
Poople: baby - tell him
elbbep: work? play scholl more like
Poople: i am trying to help him win this month
RY4N1994: why do you think its MD elbbep
Poople: he can't spell he is so sad about losing all the time
elbbep: sad lieing boy
Poople: see - cant spell worth a lick
Poople: don't worry - bbl babe
RY4N1994: gl all im out
Poople: we will get them next time :)

Replies 1 - 6 of 6
-MD- wrote
at 2:44 PM, Wednesday August 7, 2019 EDT
Your wife seems like a sweet lady,
KC 97 wrote
at 1:05 PM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
MD i have removed your Poople only made it to harrass the rules!! do not harass people...
-MD- wrote
at 2:57 PM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the situation.
-MD- wrote
at 2:57 PM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the situation.
***Insane*** wrote
at 9:05 PM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
Geez MD, come on get grip. If you dont get on with someone just shut it, dont make accounts and drag peoples wives into it.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:01 PM, Thursday August 8, 2019 EDT
sorry didnt get a chance to go thru all the forums last night....thx for taking care of this KC
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