Mini Freeroll 2 1Aug 19, 2019 ; happytoscrap again
kacha_cha wrote
at 8:35 PM, Monday August 19, 2019 EDT
Skudgy: n1
kacha_cha: tx sir
kacha_cha: vn
Skudgy: sorry scrappy
happytoscrap: all good, you think you were ahead there?
Skudgy: no just a gamble with the A
happytoscrap: yeah, nh
happytoscrap: i get more irked when the peanut gallery says "vn" or "nh" after someone put all their money in knowing they were behind and got lucky. you played it fine
happytoscrap: some people on here are twats tho :D
Skudgy: ty
Gehoe88 is here
Gehoe88 has left
happytoscrap: we gotta sit here and not play poker in a super turbo cause kasha_cha is a piece of shit
happytoscrap: time out again, you inconsiderate fuck
kacha_cha: foff
happytoscrap: gg, gl skudgy
kacha_cha: dont talk bout my mom
happytoscrap: some people have no manners at all
Skudgy: ty m8ty
happytoscrap has left

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KC 97 wrote
at 7:32 PM, Tuesday August 20, 2019 EDT
this has been taken care of
happytoscrap wrote
at 6:33 PM, Sunday August 25, 2019 EDT
So we have one guy who admits to playing on his mom's account. Admitting right here in his own post that multiple people are playing from the same account. Same guy is timing out every hand and everyone at the tournament is pissed at him.

I call him out and I get a ban. Way to go, bike cop. You gave a speeding ticket while the convenience store was getting robbed.

No free speech. No due process. At least in Communist China, you get a kangaroo court.

Feel free to remove my speech permanently if it makes you feel like your dick is bigger. I'm here for the poker, not the chat.
happytoscrap wrote
at 10:19 PM, Friday August 30, 2019 EDT
Just for clarity, are we indeed allowed to have multiple people playing from the same account?

On Kdice that is an automatic ban.

That's okay around here?
GetPaid24 wrote
at 2:00 PM, Monday September 2, 2019 EDT
Absolutely never talk about Kacha like that again! Lose Happytoscrap!
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