lulu jamby wrote
at 4:04 PM, Wednesday August 28, 2019 EDT
MD calls plays "shit" as was the player who made it â?¦...bluedevil won a big hand lost and got nasty ...hes rediculous with his brilliant comments.....he needs to be reminded that he cant berate ppl and spew his "knowledge" on everyone at the table....immature self-riteous..abusive..narcissist...and a pain in the a... in general.

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ATClocker wrote
at 4:39 PM, Friday August 30, 2019 EDT
lulu...MD will probably agree with your comments.
***Insane*** wrote
at 5:58 PM, Friday August 30, 2019 EDT
MD doesnt get mad about losing hands, he just is obnoxious and irratating to some. Get to know him he is funny as. Its his way of fun but if you cant tolerate it just leave the table as I know it took me a while.
-MD- wrote
at 2:01 PM, Tuesday September 3, 2019 EDT
Sometimes I remind people that we are attempting to play poker and not just simply scratching off lottery tickets.

I get that some people find it offensive to be criticized for their absolute garbage play - those people would be wrong.

We should NOT congratulate people who call J/3 off All-In preflop and win the hand. It was not a good hand, or well played. It was a very lucky outcome.

Short answer. Don't want to be criticized, don't play like shit. This is supposed to be poker, there are plenty of slot machine apps out there. You can always pick one of those instead.
watchagot wrote
at 3:04 AM, Wednesday September 4, 2019 EDT
Well said MD
happytoscrap wrote
at 10:01 PM, Wednesday September 4, 2019 EDT
A casino would say, you would be wrong MD.

A casino allows you to play awful poker. But a casino does not allow you to criticize other people's play. So when you make a statement, like "they would be wrong" you sound silly because you are wrong according to poker rules.

This is poker. If you're going to pretend to be an expert on the subject, please at least learn the rules that anyone who has played for more than 1 hour in a real casino learn.
happytoscrap wrote
at 10:04 PM, Wednesday September 4, 2019 EDT
That came off more smarmy that I wanted it to come off.

I agree with MD on pretty much everything he says. I don't like how people treat this amazing game like a coin flip. Then again, part of the game around here is to figure out who is a donkey and who is a player and compete against each type of player accordingly.

there are plenty of donkeys in real life tourneys too. you criticize them under your breath. you exchange knowing looks with the other people at the table that aren't idiots. but you don't criticize. because you don't want the 5 minute penalty.
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 10:15 AM, Thursday September 5, 2019 EDT
-MD- wrote
at 5:59 PM, Friday September 6, 2019 EDT
You can be as smarmy as you want - I don't mind. We are not in a casino, I am not pretending to be an expert, and I don't expect perfect play. I want to play something that resembles poker.

Gpokr has 3 rules, I admit that I walk the line on #2. It's the mods decision to make if I cross it. It wouldn't be the first chat ban I received, it won't be the last. I accept the risk and I will take my penalty if it comes down to that.

Poker is a game of skill not chance because of betting. The Any 2 refill crowd destroys that and turns it into spin to win. I will continue to point out garbage play from garbage players and hope that I can escape the cesspool of the small tables and play some halfway decent poker.
happytoscrap wrote
at 11:43 PM, Monday September 9, 2019 EDT
I've had chat ban too. There are definitely some mods who think they're gestapo.

If this were real poker, I'd get a 5 minute ban and a chance to at least talk to the floor and explain my side.

they give out a 3 day ban and don't allow you to defend yourself at all. and in a way, i don't blame them. if my position was indefensible, i wouldn't want to have to defend it either.
greeen wrote
at 10:04 AM, Tuesday October 15, 2019 EDT
love you jamby jellyfish
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