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ormond wrote
at 9:34 PM, Sunday September 8, 2019 EDT
9/8/ 19 25k took my chips and didnt let me in. It sent me into many strang e places from being minus chips even while I won on table and had me plus chips

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norteeeizm wrote
at 12:08 AM, Monday September 9, 2019 EDT
Its a journey mate, ask G he will probably say the same. As long as u didnt loose them. Ask the great ramu he may have your destiny in his hands... Lmao
Luvs Ya All wrote
at 12:13 AM, Monday September 9, 2019 EDT
It looks like you were playing at 200 table when you joined and even though you had the chips the bulk were at the table. So when you joined a glitch took them which put you in negative when you refreshed. As normally the glitche that allows you to join without enough chips hasnt been around for years you didnt get your seat. So when you refreshed you shouldve got your chips back without the seat. You need enough chips off the table to join tourney.
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 5:17 AM, Monday September 9, 2019 EDT
or the real fact is, u and i are played hand to hand, as usually u lost all ur chips, routine... I am giving hand number ormond007,
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