Nice guy again
kacha_cha wrote
at 1:40 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST

bigdaddy3: little big shit next to me lol
"pebble": no annya is a nice girl
bigdaddy3: fuck off u shit
"pebble": nice thx
apache has left
SpookyAnnya has left
"pebble": pity u don't talk like that when a mods about
loska has left
"pebble": gl to east texas!!
bigdaddy3: fuck off again
"pebble": nice thax

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gnice37 wrote
at 3:20 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
thx for the post....removed his chat today
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 3:43 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
i never in my life dealt with such horrible person like you ,you pretend and acting nice . but in fact you and pebble are the same nasty people ,in fact quite shity people , am sure other players think the same about you , good luck with ur stupid game
happytoscrap wrote
at 7:16 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
I don't get how a player can play multiple people on the same account, time out every hand, and rat other people out and keep getting other people banned.

If we want this site to remain infested with rats like Kacha_cha and his loser mom, we should keep allowing him to rat out other people. If we want this site to stop dwindling down to nothing, we should just ban Kacha_Cha and anyone else who makes it a life mission to be a rat and let the rest of us play poker.

I got a week chat ban once because this rat loser reported me and I almost left the site for good. which mod has the balls to tell this kid to grow up and that you can only be hurt by other people if you allow the to hurt you.
R a m u wrote
at 11:38 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
Congrats scrap, for real money tournament
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 3:15 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
i have a massage to gnice 37 ,you took the liberty to remove my chat, that is fine by me because i never had the desire to chat to these idiots .kacha with the whore like avatar or the little yo yo rat .those two provoke the saints to act like i did ,sure you did not know that . because they are deceitful them .and you should not act so quick in judgment.good luck to you for next time .
elbbep wrote
at 3:29 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
bigdaddys record

Explanation Action Advisor Date
you have been warned to many times for this....removing your chat -chat gnice37 3:15 PM, Tuesday November 26, 2019 EST
giving this player another chance...please refrain from talking to kacha...if she happens to call you a name, then please give me the replay number so i can handle it..thx for responding back +chat gnice37 5:54 PM, Monday September 12, 2016 EDT
this is your last warning for calling players names...please post your reasons on my wall or forum so i can know what is going on w/ you and kacha ...-7 days -chat gnice37 1:10 PM, Monday September 12, 2016 EDT
chat reinstated...please respect other players +chat gnice37 4:04 PM, Sunday September 11, 2016 EDT
warned before for language by 2 mods...take 3 days off....respect other players or lose chat permanent
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 4:40 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
happytoscrap wrote
at 6:19 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
for what its worth, I only play on here for the practice.

You, BigDaddy are a good poker player. You are one of the reasons I come here. You challenge me with your play.

Kacha_Cha is not a good poker player. Just someone who bogs down the game. The mother is definitely better than the son, but they both suck. No challenge at all. Rather, the only challenge is figuring out which one is playing and then playing accordingly. That's not hard either cause the kid plays like a complete dipshit.

This place will never amount to much if we keep banning the good players and rewarding the thin skinned children.
gnice37 wrote
at 9:50 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
BigDaddy3...this is not personal...kc warned you about language on 5/2016, i gave you another warning on 7/2016, muted you again 9/2016 and gave you chat back after you explained what happened. then received a final warning on 7/ 2018. i did explain if you were having an issue w/ kacha or anyone else provoking you to let me know and to give me the hand number. I didnt make a quick decision. i looked at the evidence above and reviewed 4 hands before this happened and there was no chat evidence of anyone saying anything to anyone. This is not personal and this is not a permanent chat ban. I have explained that this is an all ages site and to not attack players. I even asked you personally to not talk to kacha, that way if anyone started anything with you i could take action. Hope this explains that i did review other hands. thx
gnice37 wrote
at 9:51 PM, Wednesday November 27, 2019 EST
I am only following the mod rules that i was given when i became a moderator. I dont make up any rules as we go along.
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