Lol nice transfer
A.W.S.O.M. - O. wrote
at 7:10 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST

Could you make it any more obvious?

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Johnny30 wrote
at 7:31 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
if you ask Simple....
it was all in blind preflop.

how can you trasfer an all in blind ya think [email protected]
Johnny30 wrote
at 7:36 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
Also Perfectl eas playing 1k with me an Simple when i said am bored! do you want to go 20k and all in winner takes all.

if that river doesn't it Bomb wins so how was it a transfer??
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 10:12 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
I am tagging, kc, gnice, snoods, cha, nortee, spooky, villager, Linda ozzie, Cara Mia, daddy, North, happy to scrap, who loves pokr, for whom pokr is passion, they will decide, myself it is not transfer
Johnny30 wrote
at 10:21 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
Tag who ya want in!!
Me and Bomb are not the same player neither IP is the same player and the Mods will comfirm this, i like to get to 2 mil everytime i play then all in all the time when am bored.

Its a all in and the program decides the winner so how can it be a transfer? i was losing until the river???

Ramu go and lie to more people and pretent you have cancer again ya sick man.
vinny fan wrote
at 10:26 AM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
Too many drama queens here.
Proof this was not set up nor a transfer.

Bomb's previous hand to hand in question:

Now everyone go outside and meet real people.

at 12:30 PM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
why do you save any proof of something, if it does not mean anything to you? lol

Or why was it so important for you dude
vinny fan wrote
at 12:56 PM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
I was lurking at the table and also saw the chat. Then simply added Bomb's previous hand from their stat page to clear the air.
Now speaking of air, I am heading outside and get some fresh air. It's too stuffy in here.
gnice37 wrote
at 8:04 PM, Friday December 13, 2019 EST
those 2 players are not the same. Johnny does tend to play all ins when he gets 2 million in chips...i have seen him do this numerous times
Go^Gezza^Go wrote
at 5:07 PM, Friday December 20, 2019 EST
I guess we have all transfered.
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