correction about 200 table
gnice37 wrote
at 9:45 PM, Thursday January 9, 2020 EST
appears that leon6854 also is not working, so if you cant sit on GetPaid24...please type the following in the address bar

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RHX55 wrote
at 7:07 AM, Saturday January 11, 2020 EST
sorry that link does not work
gnice37 wrote
at 11:04 PM, Saturday January 11, 2020 EST
the hyperlink might not work.. i did say to type it out in the address bar, make sure you type it out exactly as i have it
aja wrote
at 7:07 PM, Thursday February 13, 2020 EST
Hi gnice, kc just told me that you banned my another account (nancyricput) from gpokr, cause you think i the same whit simple m. Its that correct? You can check my background and u can tell im just a rookie (and bad player) since 2006. I have another accounts like aja, chicamán and camilopudolupus. Im live in Guatemala, Central America and i love gpokr. I have nothing whit simple m and if u have proof, please let me know. I was happy in morning cause i had $250,000 but lost and down to $40,0000 and now i cant sit. Please help me....
gnice37 wrote
at 7:55 PM, Thursday February 13, 2020 EST
my mistake, you were showing the same area as simple m...i assumed it was you
gnice37 wrote
at 7:58 PM, Thursday February 13, 2020 EST
the account is reinstated , thx for the info and sorry about the mistake
nancyricput wrote
at 8:07 PM, Thursday February 13, 2020 EST
Thank you g
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