Freezed chips
newhizzle wrote
at 7:29 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
I need some help, because my account can't sit in any table at any stake.
Thanks in advance,

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chronic wrote
at 8:00 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
try clearing your cookies and caches, let me know if this helps....if it doesnt i will have to have ryan fix you
chronic wrote
at 8:26 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2020 EDT
also let me know if it gives you a red message when you try to sit....let me know if it says....dont hae enough chips to sit
newhizzle wrote
at 3:07 AM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
I have been having this red message for about two weeks. I have already cleaned my pc many times but my hopes did not get satisfied :(
newhizzle wrote
at 3:09 AM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
I guess it requires Ryan then :/ thank you for your help and suggestions :)
gnice37 wrote
at 1:33 PM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
please just try this again, ryan has did some work on the site past 2 days and sometimes this will fix it...if not let me know and i will report to time please report when this happens right away, sometimes it takes time for ryan to be able to work on site and can take up to a week sometimes to ix things
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