Busting a myth: Multitabling is now allowed
newhizzle wrote
at 5:58 AM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
Hi everybody,
This topic hurts me from the bottom of my heart, after my worldwide experience in poker rooms.
So I felt like I needed to clarify this issue and, hopefully, bust the myth.

I have heard different opinions:

1) Multitabling is not allowed
2) It's not nice to multitable since it may slow down the game (because of "unhandled" multitasking)

Important note: (Rule 2: Play only one account at a time )

It means you can't play two different accounts at the same time.
Let me give you a example:
*Logging in with Account1 on a device and playing
*Logging in with Account2 on another device and playing

This is not allowed since you are playing two accounts at the same time.

*Logging in and playing with Account1 in table1
*Opening another internet page and playing with Account1 in table2

This should be allowed since you are playing ONE account in more than one table.

(I also assume rule2 was born to prevent cheating (playing 2 accounts at the same table))

I wanna end part one, with this external information: in each single poker room of the entire World, multitabling is allowed, and many players do it.

2) This is more a philosophical issue than a bureaucratic one.
But let's go through it anyway:

I could say that every player of the table has the right to have a certain fixed time to make his/her action at the table (fold-check-call-bet-raise). This is a fact
But: *Let's suppose we don't want the game to be slowed down;
*Let's suppose that to solve the issue, multitabling won't be allowed.

Does it solve the issue in the entire way?
I've seen some people playing one table, and all the times running all their time for each decision they need to make(maybe they're watching TV, maybe cooking, maybe other stuffs, idk).
Maybe this is not THE solution to solve it "in a 360° way".

A direct solution(which means a way that solve the "problem" completely) could be, for example reducing the amount of time to act. An idea could be creating some tables where time to make your decision is less than the fixed 20-30secs. Maybe there are others solutions and it's very appreciated if you guys will find one another.

All this speech is just a improvisation; hopefully my best will be enough to bust this myth.

Thank you for your time and your patience of reading.
If you have any idea, suggestion, you are welcome.

Best regards,


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gnice37 wrote
at 1:37 PM, Thursday March 26, 2020 EDT
so you cant play table and tournament at the same is really not right to play two tables at a time w/ the same acct, please explain how this is fair? if this is done by everyone it will completely slow up the game. you couldnt do that in real life so dont do it here please...i have posted not to do this and will ban accts caught doing this. i dont care what other sites allow you to do , you are always welcome to play there
JulesDogg wrote
at 9:03 AM, Friday March 27, 2020 EDT
gnice, multi-tabling takes place at all online poker sites, it is legitimate and breaks no rules.

I cannot think of any reason why multi-tabling could be construed as unfair.

"pebble" wrote
at 2:45 PM, Friday March 27, 2020 EDT
dogg? you can not think of any reason??? read gnice reply it gives you the reasons!
gnice37 wrote
at 4:57 PM, Friday March 27, 2020 EDT
Thx for the comments, I appreciate the feedback. I did not make this rule. This was passed down to me by previous advisors that this was not allowed. Although this really isn't an issue on gpokr, because most players do not do this. The players i have seen do this, unfortunately, are the players that have been banned for playing multiple accts at the same time or table. With that being said, this is my outtake on the situation and hope that pebble and jules dont mind me using them for this example.
gnice37 wrote
at 5:03 PM, Friday March 27, 2020 EDT
gnice 37 and jules joins a tournament and both decide not to play so they sit out, right away this slows the tournament up and now it makes the tournament longer. Then gnice37 and jules joins two 200 tables. pebble sits at one of these the meantime jules and gnice37 fighting a hand on one of the two tables and they time out on the other 200 tables. after this happening multiple times, pebble decides i dont want to play at this table these guys keep timing out so he logs off. now imagine you have 10 ppl doing the same thing as jules and long do you think it is going to take before players leave the site?
JulesDogg wrote
at 6:46 AM, Saturday March 28, 2020 EDT
Hevad Khan got banned for multi-tabling by Pokerstars because they thought he was a bot.

In response he made a video of himself playing 26 sit and go tables simultaneously and gave it to Pokerstars as evidence that his account was not a bot.

His ability to play on Pokerstars was subsequently reinstated.

You can watch it here....

madness14 wrote
at 7:00 PM, Saturday March 28, 2020 EDT
For this site it became a rule but everyone knowing Ryan never rewrote the rules. Instead he made it so not only could someone sit at the same table with same ip he made it so if you had joined a tourney you couldnt play tables at all, until you were out of tourney. Somehow somewhere this got lost.
pocketaces24 wrote
at 10:08 PM, Tuesday March 31, 2020 EDT
Newhizzle is completely correct. The solution is progressively more aggressive time-outs, meaning after 1 time-out, much shorter subsequent time to act.

gnice, nothing you say addresses Newhizzles points. If you're worried about people ignoring a table, and that slowing down the game, make the game punish that player by folding them sooner. Everyone's good. There's nothing about multitabling (from a single account) that's wrong. Online poker isn't real poker. In real poker you can't play against people on multiple continents at once (well, you can, it's just verrrrry slow!), so don't claim that you shouldn't multitable online because you can't IRL. I could IRL, and have in house games. You literally sit between multiple tables. Poker is slow and boring for skilled players. Multitabling increases the rate of hands, making poker more engaging. Like Newhizzle says, it's the distracted players who time out every. single. hand. that hurt the game, not engaged multitablers. I can code the progressive timeout if you want. It's trivially simple. Just tell me what number of seconds you want. Every real-money online poker site does this.
pocketaces24 wrote
at 10:00 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2020 EDT
for gnice, and everyone else who said you can't sit between two tables or two games IRL, you can.

â??The hands were taking forever,â?? recalled Frazin. â??I was bored out of my mind.â?? He didnâ??t put his plan into effect until 2012 when he finally introduced Multi Action Poker, delivering an innovation that any major casino would be proud to promote.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:45 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2020 EDT
if i am reading this hyperlink correctly they are combining live tables w/ online poker....that wouldnt be the same as playing 2 live tables at the same time
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