ALL IN bad taste wrote
at 2:20 PM, Thursday April 2, 2020 EDT
HyenaWhk just went up to level 35 with 1500 ???
Not even 2 days in and goes up a level by login in ???
Am telling you this is fucked up m8 ???

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underpantz wrote
at 2:43 PM, Thursday April 2, 2020 EDT
Check their stats from last month.
They played the Final Freeroll and came 3rd, winning 35k
That was most likely their last play of the month and would have most likely put them up a level had they played any other hands that month.
They probably didn't play any hands after the tourney making the first hand of this month giving them the needed amount to go up a level.

gnice37 wrote
at 3:32 PM, Thursday April 2, 2020 EDT
everyone has a total to level up...what matters is how many chips you have on the last day. the last time you finished a month w/ a decent amount of chips was oct 2017 when you had over 1 million. since then your month end totals have been 0 or very little chips. that is why you still have so many chips to level up. if you look at my stats, i am just getting ready to level up w/ 87k more. i believe my total was well over 2 million and it has taken me more than 6 months to get there. i wish i could explain it a bit better and hoping maybe someone sees this message and tries to explain it better than me
norteeeizm wrote
at 6:15 AM, Sunday April 5, 2020 EDT
I understand both, thats why I havent really gone up because at the end of the month everyone goes crazy. If u win then it adds to the total u need to go up. If you need 100k to level up n burn it u lost it. Hang back like a chooken(or smart) then u wont need as much next month.
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