give your chips
leon6854 wrote
at 3:48 AM, Sunday April 5, 2020 EDT
How is possible reach 1,5 million chips in onne evening, if all the site dont have this level of chips?

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pocketaces24 wrote
at 10:03 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2020 EDT
asking the real questions...
gnice37 wrote
at 10:42 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2020 EDT
this player had a lot of chips when starting this month. the player hasnt played in over 2 yrs, so he started w/ a high amount due to the daily bonus, then he busted 16 players the same day at the 1ks...doesnt matter anymore, he lost all his chips today
Ramu the hacker wrote
at 4:13 AM, Wednesday April 8, 2020 EDT
I am not getting daily bonus to my account, please settle that issue, if possible send all pending chips from all my accounts to current playing account, ty
Be Very Mad wrote
at 11:42 PM, Wednesday April 8, 2020 EDT
Not going to happen Ramu, if you get them you get them, if you dont you dont.
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