Why is there a rule that you can only play 1 table at a time?
highly skilled wrote
at 11:01 PM, Saturday June 27, 2020 EDT
I don't get why this rule has to exist. On every other poker site you can multitable.

The site is already short on players. If more people are playing on more tables it will result in more tables going and more action.

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Want My Chips wrote
at 2:07 AM, Sunday June 28, 2020 EDT
People normally hold up the tables they are playing when playing two tables. We have enough lag as it is. Ryan did have it so it was impossible to play two tables including playing tables while tourney but something happened when he changed servers.
hwlgw wrote
at 11:29 AM, Tuesday June 30, 2020 EDT
im not looking for more action but moar joakes
norteeeizm wrote
at 5:26 AM, Wednesday July 1, 2020 EDT
Jeez I get zzzzzz if I answer the phone or get a
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