October - NEW membership conflicts after payment
HottShott wrote
at 6:18 PM, Monday October 5, 2020 EDT
I have not been able to get recognition from GPOK servers that i have paid October New Member signup. This was discovered when membership disappeared between September and October. So i purchased another membership. never got bonus never got recognized as member. I then tried to purchase $5 bonus, it was not registering with GPOK servers. Tried anoth $5 yesterday out of curiosity, no good. I have paid and i have receipts for all of these transactions. I have emailed [email protected] with no response since the first of the month. needed

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at 7:32 PM, Monday October 5, 2020 EDT
OzzieBob wrote
at 3:38 AM, Tuesday October 6, 2020 EDT
Same thing happened to me mate, no resolution as yet or even acknowledgement of my emails. Come on Mr Dewsbury, we are waiting !!!
"pebble" wrote
at 9:37 AM, Tuesday October 6, 2020 EDT
Good Luck!
gnice37 wrote
at 5:28 PM, Tuesday October 6, 2020 EDT
Sorry everyone i am busy with work and have not been on much lately....i contacted Ryan today about these issues and he is suppose to look into this tonight. thx for posting
Ryan wrote
at 11:14 AM, Wednesday October 7, 2020 EDT
Looking into this now. I will refund any missing transactions. If you saw an error message please send it to me. It may help to identify what happened.
Ryan wrote
at 4:31 PM, Wednesday October 7, 2020 EDT
It looks like a paypal url changed. It has been updated and fixed. I've resent a bunch of the failing transactions so you should see bonus/subscriptions arrive. Let me know if one does not arrive.
OzzieBob wrote
at 1:07 AM, Thursday October 8, 2020 EDT
My situation looks like it has been resolved ... thank you Greg and Ryan.
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