Logging in
norteeeizm wrote
at 4:12 AM, Saturday October 10, 2020 EDT
I have had trouble with logging in and have been able to get in through the back door but now that's not even working? Why is it so hard to play here, I use google, or chrome and never had a problem but I must be doing something wrong? If you can let me know great...

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Ramu the hacker wrote
at 11:52 AM, Saturday October 10, 2020 EDT
Nor is my senior resolve his problem, think his problem is my problem, do it fast
gnice37 wrote
at 6:13 PM, Saturday October 10, 2020 EDT
you need to clear your history, cookies and caches. i have had to do this also recently to get on to gpokr and kdice. Hope this helps, gl and let me know if it works
norteeeizm wrote
at 3:43 AM, Monday October 12, 2020 EDT
Ty Greg, but if Ramu didn't flex his muscles would you have helped? Lol. Thx mate and hope you pulled up ok after ur bday champ.
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