Avatar upload
White Dawn wrote
at 10:47 AM, Tuesday November 17, 2020 EST
I can't upload any avatar no matter the size. For the past 2 days the "choose file" won't even open so I can't try a different avatar. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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Ramu the hacker wrote
at 9:05 AM, Wednesday November 18, 2020 EST
Yes I am trying to upload my picture which is looks like tiger, but not working
gnice37 wrote
at 10:17 PM, Friday November 20, 2020 EST
check this out White Dawn, might help you fix your issue
gnice37 wrote
at 10:20 PM, Friday November 20, 2020 EST
try this one if you are using a macbook

hopefully this helps, good luck
White Dawn wrote
at 12:15 AM, Saturday November 21, 2020 EST
Thanks g. I can upload pics from my iPhone to my mac. I can NOT even open my photos using gpokr. I've used Safari as well as Fire Fox.. Neither will allow me to even see the thousands of photos I have on iPhone, MacBook, or iCloud, although they all allow me to view them anytime else, even when on gpokr, but I can not get to them to upload them on the gpokr website. I've cleared my cache, no luck.
camilopudopulus wrote
at 7:04 PM, Thursday December 3, 2020 EST
Hellisha wrote
at 6:48 PM, Sunday December 6, 2020 EST
Same problem here
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