Sxl wrote
at 10:28 PM, Tuesday March 23, 2021 EDT
Im sorry for venting like that, what can I say I was drunk.

Sorry Ryan (the person who is not real to me) You are very much a real person in real life - like me. I was drunk and I don't care about that hand at all.

A bad case of "did i really say that" the morning after......

Have a good day and please don't ban me!

Sincerely, Siouxlander.

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Sxl wrote
at 11:02 PM, Tuesday March 23, 2021 EDT
Thanks for creating a great site I remember fond memories of it back when my better days. (2010-2014)
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 4:48 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2021 EDT
you are a very nice person to do that , keep it up . and enjoy the site , good luck, by the way, I sometime get agitated when stupid players start harassing me just for winning a bingo game , its annoying I admit , but u play out of boredom sometimes, so every body should calm down and enjoy the free game without cussing each other ,or being cheesy all the time by saying ,n h ,n 1 ,g g or whatever , it should be said when its merited , that the real spirit of the game good luck all
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 8:15 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2021 EDT
Daddy u never get prob, nh, n1 lol, dad, UR big bingo, only yearly once u will get nh daddy
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 8:56 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2021 EDT
thank you chicken madras for ur stupid reference but I like it lol ,good luck when ur not playing lol// and next time write in Urdu so people can understand.see you on forum when u got time to spare, and don't forget to say hi to ur vegetarian curries its delicious when ur not cooking it lol
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 12:46 PM, Wednesday March 24, 2021 EDT
Lol dad
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 9:25 PM, Wednesday March 24, 2021 EDT
Just kidding dad, UR one of the great player in gpokr
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 8:25 AM, Thursday March 25, 2021 EDT
HI again RAMU , now ur back to be chicken korma its milder than the madras so that is fine ,am good whatever ur comment , we just having fun times together. with my far away friends,
but please don't over do it u might upset our teachers {moderators}so good luck to you and the whole GPOKER community.
unskilled wrote
at 5:07 PM, Thursday March 25, 2021 EDT
lol i thought was the biggest complainer
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 8:51 AM, Friday March 26, 2021 EDT
what is the sort of complaint you talking about? u very silly doggy
RedBoy wrote
at 4:43 PM, Monday March 29, 2021 EDT
youll be alright.......
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