Phizz (Feb 16, 2021 at 05:55:39 EST): ofirr wins $2,800

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orange wrote
at 5:59 AM, Tuesday February 16, 2021 EST
language like this on this site is what has brought it down to the level it is. truly sad
Tigerking999 wrote
at 6:14 AM, Tuesday February 16, 2021 EST
well you are right truly sad to get down to this level because of such idiot ---ofirr I never start on any body but this ofirr, said to me when I won a game that he will f-ck my mother , and keep telling people mother f..cker so. in the end I could not take from this bastard.... sorry but this is the fact thank all
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 12:09 PM, Tuesday February 16, 2021 EST
by the way tiger king is my son... acc .thank you all again
gnice37 wrote
at 8:17 PM, Tuesday February 16, 2021 EST
there is no reason for this language on forum or at tables. bigdaddy3, i traced 20 hands before and after this one and could not find any evidence of ofirr chatting at all. If you or your son has an issue w/ the player you need to give me the hand number so i can review the chat log. you have had numerous warnings for your language and i am muting you till march 1st. Next time let me handle this by giving me the hand number, thx
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 4:23 AM, Wednesday February 17, 2021 EST
my dear gnice ur tracing should have been done the day before , that when the problem started with bastard ofirr , you should mute him not me , you can ask other players will tell you how obnoxious the guy is , I know I used bad language before but not as bad as this bastard , and I don't care about muting me , but please check again and don't only mute him you should tell Ryan or some body to get rid of him all together for the sake of the site , I thank you in advance
@Legend31398933 wrote
at 4:52 AM, Wednesday February 17, 2021 EST
I believe you dad, don't worry, u just missed proof, UR good man I know
gnice37 wrote
at 10:17 PM, Wednesday February 17, 2021 EST
bigdaddy3, that is why i ask for a hand number. you gave me nothing so i didnt even know it happened the day before. if you give me a hand number then i can go back and search. orange gave me the hand number that showed only your language, that is why i muted you. no hard feelings i hope, but their is no room for language like that here
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 4:11 AM, Thursday February 18, 2021 EST
thanks , no problem , sorry again for using bad language on such ignorant and idiotic person like OFIRR.
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 9:08 PM, Friday February 19, 2021 EST
Holy shit! What language!!
bigdaddy3 wrote
at 5:31 AM, Tuesday February 23, 2021 EST
dear mr gnice once again please look at games no 88658594 0n ward to 608 and more that will show u how much dirt this idiot ofirr got inside his fff brain lol these game was played on 23 \ feb. thanks . p s .sorry. but you may not be able to do any thing because he pay for free chips.and this dirty bastard will survive while he is paying . no problem I just made my point .thanks again
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