If opponent folds there should be a 'show cards' option, to show you really did have a good hand.
patty_000 wrote
at 3:42 AM, Wednesday July 19, 2006 EDT

195 people think this is a good idea

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Losanda wrote
at 4:11 AM, Wednesday July 19, 2006 EDT
That is against the rules.
CashCow wrote
at 2:03 PM, Wednesday July 19, 2006 EDT
No it isn't u can show them after the last bet is placed
nobodybutyours wrote
at 2:48 AM, Friday July 21, 2006 EDT
oops- i thought by copying and pasting the text of the other, it would count as an additional vote. please delete.
nobodybutyours wrote
at 2:49 AM, Friday July 21, 2006 EDT
(though, yes, I would like Ryan to do this)
mattRaoul wrote
at 6:54 PM, Friday July 21, 2006 EDT
no it's not, it's perfectly legal but I just don't think it's very necessary in online poker with fake money
Measure wrote
at 2:06 PM, Tuesday July 25, 2006 EDT
meh. Why let them know if you were bluffing or not?
FineAgedTequila wrote
at 4:48 PM, Tuesday August 8, 2006 EDT
Part of the joy of poker is not knowing if your opponent had the cards or not. If you want to know, ask.
vox wrote
at 5:55 PM, Tuesday August 8, 2006 EDT
it's also part of the joy to show a bluff or a real good hand to keep the oponents guessing
Bader wrote
at 7:46 AM, Thursday August 10, 2006 EDT
that is quite stupid...
WuTheFWasThat wrote
at 1:41 AM, Sunday August 13, 2006 EDT
maybe there should also be an option to muck?
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