enable players to show their cards if they win on a good bluff
CaptPicard wrote
at 10:01 PM, Friday May 18, 2007 EDT

186 people think this is a good idea

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Extremes wrote
at 3:18 AM, Sunday May 20, 2007 EDT
a time like 5 secounds to press a button "SHOW CARDS"... that would be great
NutzKiller wrote
at 10:47 AM, Sunday May 20, 2007 EDT
yes, i am getting tired of being called a pot stealer, when i won fair and square, it's not my fault if noone at the table had the gutz to call and actually see if i had the winning hand.
at 6:40 PM, Sunday May 20, 2007 EDT
great idea, so many times you've wanted to show everyone what you had
meloy wrote
at 3:08 AM, Monday May 21, 2007 EDT
maybe it could be another checkbox
david101 wrote
at 3:08 AM, Monday May 21, 2007 EDT
I prefer not to know. This isn't in the spirit of poker, whether the player wants to show or not.
Dice Master wrote
at 8:17 PM, Monday May 21, 2007 EDT
Then look away from the computer david101.
david101 wrote
at 6:24 AM, Wednesday May 23, 2007 EDT
In that case maybe upon clicking the 'show cards' button, have a 5 second display to warn me to look away from the computer. I'm all up for that.
CaptPicard wrote
at 8:02 PM, Friday May 25, 2007 EDT
I've watched the poker shows on TV, and sometimes, one shows his bluff intentionally. It can be part of your strategy, and should be an option.
JulesDogg wrote
at 3:17 PM, Thursday January 3, 2008 EST
I like the show cards idea
Tapz1988 wrote
at 4:13 PM, Thursday January 3, 2008 EST
i def like the show cards thing.PLZ PLZ make it possible
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