if person is too much time "away" kick him out of the table
ballpein wrote
at 9:12 PM, Wednesday July 19, 2006 EDT

231 people think this is a good idea

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CashCow wrote
at 12:13 PM, Thursday July 20, 2006 EDT
It does this anyway :/
Aria wrote
at 11:37 PM, Tuesday August 1, 2006 EDT
How long away? 5 rounds? half an hour?
Erik wrote
at 2:29 PM, Wednesday August 2, 2006 EDT
time limit would be best.. i think half an hour is most appropriate
nobodybutyours wrote
at 2:31 PM, Saturday August 12, 2006 EDT
It's a trickier question now that there are buy-in limits. A player might want to stay seated but away to preserve their stack at the table (deciding that it's worth the blinds s/he'd be losing in the meanwhile).
nobodybutyours wrote
at 2:59 PM, Saturday August 12, 2006 EDT
No way. Current method is fair. They fold if there's a bet to call and they check if there's not.
WuTheFWasThat wrote
at 1:37 AM, Sunday August 13, 2006 EDT
maybe u should be able to stay in the table without being seated
biggs wrote
at 10:58 AM, Wednesday August 16, 2006 EDT
pretty good
winterdude wrote
at 7:41 PM, Friday August 18, 2006 EDT
I'm sick of the people who stay at the table forever so they can keep a spot. I like this idea.
vox wrote
at 4:38 PM, Wednesday August 23, 2006 EDT
well, you can sit (that is, the chips can remain) at the table as long as the blinds are paid. That's how it is in real life.
nobodybutyours wrote
at 11:56 PM, Sunday September 3, 2006 EDT
(note -- my second message above was definitely intended for a different idea page)
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