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One of the best on Gpokr not the best but 1 of
4/4 on Tuesday October 14, 2008
Very nice, my friend... very nice.
mikoslav on Thursday May 8, 2008
I have £100 on at Ladbrokes that Dipan takes 1st in April 2008
JulesDogg on Tuesday April 8, 2008
Mr.Lindh on Monday March 31, 2008
U left out, Shark, Coolguy, and alot more kick ass players... Justt because u have 1 or 2 good months doesn't mean your the greatest. BTW i bet taht you didn't know that Dipan was not the 1st to win 2 months in a row either...
DONKEY_JR on Tuesday February 5, 2008
I agree!!!! I think you are the greatest! Good luck in everything!!!!!!!
Country Girl on Sunday February 3, 2008
Very, very good player. Perhaps the best to play here. I would like to see Dipan, Chuna, Winner Robot, Vince and Basket J all competing for number 1
El Brujo on Monday January 28, 2008
Dipan where are you?
duckmandrake on Monday January 28, 2008
best player ever?
duckmandrake on Monday January 28, 2008
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