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Greg, Please check Kacha's 8 pm tournaments on 4-28 & 29 thank you.
details on Monday April 29, 2019
Hey my account back neither u will be fired from poker
@Moremoney113 on Friday May 25, 2018
Gregg, end of Feb. I needed approx. 117K to get to level 48, now it says I need approx. 395K. the shut down took approx. 278K in chips from me. Please take care of that for me, thank you, Stoney.
Stoney63 on Friday March 2, 2018
Please restore Juha13's chat privileges. Even if his chats don't always make sense, he's not abusive to anyone, and for the most part he's a nice guy. There's a language barrier and also some mental challenges. You shouldn't be silencing people just because they're different.
Lucman on Tuesday January 2, 2018
Not playing multiple accounts. Playing with my son. At a table with others. Don't care enough to cheat on this site, but do what you feel you have to.
GoDogGo on Monday January 1, 2018
hey greg i have to say what you did to mike was wrong him and i played heads up on a lot of his acts because i have all of them so you should have talked to us before doing what you did and that zeus guy is just mad because mike took 1st place when bought the chips and i killed him so you should talk to him and lift the ban zeus is brandio and he is just a little rat
noddy11 on Friday November 3, 2017
greg do me a favour bud and ban that piece of shit DRAGON ZORD THE MOUTH IS UNREAL CALLING EVERYONE NI...ERS not nice m8 plus the raping wife and killing there children
ACE BABE on Saturday June 10, 2017
Greg...this is what I was talking about with KC and his double standard. I just get into a room and she's calling me name's. I don't expect to be banned for replying back if I'm talked to like that. As I expect her to be banned for the same. If she can't stand the comment's made to her she needs to keep her mouth shut.
Jaguar531 on Tuesday December 20, 2016
thanks every one . am just overwriting my old one lol
bigdaddy3 on Sunday September 18, 2016
i have played on tables with katcha many many times over the years and can honestly say i have never experienced her calling anyone that! bigdaddy however.......
RHX55 on Tuesday September 13, 2016
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