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fantasista wrote
at 12:54 PM, Tuesday March 24, 2009 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [6h, Ah]
fantasista calls
JayohIDP checks
billyjack69 calls
_Miky_ calls
WESM calls
gus87 calls
splesh7 checks
Dealing flop: [3h, 5c, 2h]
gus87 bets $15,000
splesh7 raises $60,000
fantasista raises $490,000
JayohIDP folds
billyjack69 folds
_Miky_ folds
WESM folds
gus87 folds
splesh7 calls
Dealing turn: [8h]
Dealing river: [Qd]
splesh7 shows [4s, 6s] for a straight six high
fantasista shows [6h, Ah] for a flush Ace high

fantasista wrote
at 10:01 AM, Tuesday June 24, 2008 EDT

fantasista calls
Passie calls
szitko raises $2,000
elzix raises $4,700
jack ramsland folds
DiguiVirus calls
Elvis0512 folds
Balla2 calls
the shed calls
fantasista calls
Passie folds
szitko calls
Dealing flop: [9h, Td, 8d]
DiguiVirus checks
Balla2 bets $16,700
the shed calls
fantasista calls
szitko folds
elzix calls
DiguiVirus folds
Dealing turn: [7c]
the shed checks
fantasista bets $41,000
elzix folds
the shed folds
Dealing river: [7d]
fantasista shows [9d, 6d] for a straight flush ten high
jamespeters wrote
at 10:03 AM, Thursday June 12, 2008 EDT
your crap at fifa
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