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reinstated +play TLP 1:58 PM, Tuesday July 17, 2012 EDT
losing blinds -play TLP 3:43 PM, Monday July 16, 2012 EDT
reinstated +play TLP 7:12 PM, Wednesday June 6, 2012 EDT
boot to save blinds as sitting away a long time -play TLP 7:12 PM, Wednesday June 6, 2012 EDT

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If you cannot control your nasty language, we will have to help you control it. Please remember this is an all ages site and we don't allow inappropriate language. Next time you will be muted. Thanks
kellykellymoore on Wednesday May 4, 2016
idraulico wrote at 7:13 PM, Sunday July 1, 2012 CDT reid10: i give u this b4 i go m8 reid10: call reid10: bet reid10: gl guys idannis: gn googiemo: ty nite idannis: ty reid10: idannis give him enough so he gets blue reid10: 200k shud be enough googiemo: thnx reid reid10: np m8 reid10: u still get 4th idannis reid10: u going too? idannis: last one reid10: idannis m8#? idannis: gl G idannis: n gn googiemo: ty u2 idannis: so u stay??? reid10: call reid10: bet reid10: im going to bed idannis just makin sure he gets blue idannis: oh ok idannis: u ok m8 reid10: u defo get it now m8 joesph is here googiemo: ty nite guys reid10: gn m8 idannis: gn idannis: how long??
Hevad Khan on Thursday July 12, 2012
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