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tapsteel wrote
at 4:08 PM, Sunday November 22, 2009 EST
Three old ladies were sitting on a park bench when suddenly a well endowed jogger, wearing nothing but a raincoat, ran over and flashed them.

The first old lady had a stroke...then the second old lady had a stroke...but
the third old lady did'nt have a stroke because her arms were not long enough.
vikkib33 wrote
at 2:28 PM, Friday July 31, 2009 EDT
Ha ok, gunna try this again, damn too much wine tonight i fear :D

Happy gpokering and vgl for last day xo
helloitssue wrote
at 4:38 PM, Saturday September 20, 2008 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Qh, Ah]
helloitssue calls
jc4 raises $200
helloitssue calls
Dealing flop: [Ad, Ac, As]
helloitssue checks
jc4 checks
Dealing turn: [7d]
Dragon76 takes a seat
helloitssue bets $200
jc4 raises $400
helloitssue raises $1,000
jc4 calls
Dealing river: [4s]
helloitssue bets $1,200
jc4 calls
jc4 shows [5s, 7s] for a full house, Aces full of sevens
helloitssue shows [Qh, Ah] for four Aces
helloitssue wins main pot $5,600
blondebombshell takes a seat

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